Immersion & Cubzoa

Immersion with Thor Harris / Cubzoa - Nanocluster Vol.2: Vinyl LP


Release date: 14 June, 2024

Theme: collaboration. Or how to remain creative in the modern world.
Nanocluster started as a bespoke one off pop up gig that turned into an album series.

Built around Colin Newman from acclaimed UK post-punk band Wire and his partner in life and sound Malka Spigel from Minimal Compact with various guests, they define collaboration.

Colin met Malka when he produced her band in 1985.The collaboration started there.

They became a couple and created their own projects like the instrumental electronic duo Immersion in 1994 and Githead in 2004 - spaces where they both ‘feel really comfortable.’

Growing out of Immersion, Nanocluster was birthed as a series of one-off gigs at the Rosehill in their new hometown of Brighton in 2017 with an added cast of influential and cutting edge musicians.

These were not ad hoc jams.
The songs had been written and rehearsed prior to each performance. This adventure led to a debut album, Nanocluster Vol 1, released in 2021 with Stereolab singer/guitarist Laetitia Sadier, German post-rock duo Tarwater, electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss and experimental artist Robin Rimbaud (Scanner).

Released again as double 10 inch with each collaboration taking up each disc, the new album Nanocluster Vol 2 has further developed this idea with a stark beauty that sounds like a future pop with sleek lines and unexpected great melodies.
Disc one is built around Thor Harris, the charismatic percussion player from Swans and many other projects, who they met and performed with at South By South West in Austin, Texas in 2023. Thor adds ideas, his tuned percussion instruments, clarinet and trumpet to the sessions.

Disc two is built around Cubzoa (Jack Wolter from the band Penelope Isles) who brings his musical craft, beguiling voice, guitar and much more.

Meanwhile Matt Schulz from Holy Fuck plays drums across both combinations helping the resulting music become a third entity.

What results is a true collaboration that, enhanced via Immersion’s production, merges its elements to develop a new harmony.

Key to the process is Colin and Malka’s radio show for Slack City radio, ‘Swimming In Sound’ with its entertainingly diverse playlist that has widened their horizons. It’s also helped build relationships not only with these collaborators but also musicians like ambient country masters SUSS, with whom they plan an extended Nanocluster tour in the USA with in 2025 and Brighton via Falmouth’s “jangly pop punk” Holiday Ghosts with whom they will perform the next Nanocluster event in their home town, as well as many more in the pipeline.
‘Nanocluster is collaboration but in a very specific form. We don't have rules. It’s a series of creative snapshots. We start as the gig with our collaborators with tracks that we rehearse because this is not a jam and where it stops is an album.’
‘It’s chemistry & music. Malka & I operate as a team and now we’ve taken it to another level. Malka comes from a band where they would stand in a room together and work out the material. In Wire, I would present the songs, so when Malka and I first started working together, we had to find a third path, and that was the concept behind our collaboration.’
Nanocluster Volume 2 is a 21st century collusion of shared ideas, creating a momentary extended musical family.

It’s about musical and personal relationships and the meeting place in the middle.

A temporary band of house guests.

The place where Immersion happens.

2 X 10” VWM58LP 
Immersion | Thor Harris 
A1. As Long As
A2. Just Close Your Eyes 
A3. Rotations 
B1. The House Of Thor 
B2. In Snow
B3. At The Wizard’s House 
Immersion | Cubzoa 
C1. I’m Barely Here 
C2. In The Universe 
C3. Other Ways 
D1. Not About Me 
D2. Neptune 

Vinyl LP
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