Idealism Forever: Neon Green Vinyl 3LP


Release date: 31 May, 2024

Idealism Forever is the reissue of Digitalism’s genre defining debut studio album from 2007. Now it is re-released as a remastered 3LP set with 2 x 12 “ on neon green coloured vinyl and 1 x 12” black vinyl LP etched on one side with bonus tracks, a poster, spot lacquer paint, as a limited edition.

To date the album tracks have been used in numerous games and commercials. They have been sampled and used in new song interpretations all around the world..

The songs have millions of streams over the different platforms and never lost their appeal. The new analogue master of the album shows the songs in their best outfit, and the bonus material, which originally was recorded while making the album back in the days, have never been heard before.

Vinyl LP