I Am Not A Doctor: Limited Translucent Blue Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 29 September, 2023

Moloko's album I Am Not A Doctor was released in 1998 and features the hit track "Sing It Back". The album showcases Moloko's unique blend of electronic, dance, and pop music, with Róisín Murphy's distinctive vocals and Mark Brydon's production. The title of the album refers to the fact that neither Murphy nor Brydon have medical training, highlighting their focus on creating music rather than pursuing traditional careers.

Housed in a trifold foldout sleeve, this 2LP that celebrates its 25th anniversary is available as a limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on translucent blue coloured vinyl.


Side A
1. The Flipside
2. Knee Deepen
3. Blink
4. Stylophone Pet

Side B
1. Downsized
2. Sorry
3. Sing It Back
4. Pretty Bridges

Side C
1. Be Like You
2. Caught In A Whisper
3. Dr. Zee

Side D
1. The ID
2. Tatty Narja
3. Over My Head
4. Should’ve Been Could’ve Bee 

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