The Amazons

How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?: Black Vinyl LP


Release date: 9 September, 2022

"How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? is a record largely inspired by the long distance relationship I've been in over the last couple years, and more specifically, the 7 months spent apart in 2020. The album was largely written in the converted attic I live in, in the centre of Brighton. The songs that went on to make up this record were originally only to be shared between me and my girlfriend. You can imagine, after a few months, that phone calls and Whatsapp and FaceTime begin to wear a little thin, especially in the face of not knowing when we'd be reunited. Writing and sharing music became a way for me to feel like I retained some kind of power, to bridge the distance between us". - Matt, The Amazons

1. How Will I Know     
2. Bloodrush     
3. Say It Again     
4. There’s A Light     
5. Northern Star     
6. Wait For Me     
7. One By One     
8. Ready For Something     
9. For The Night     
10. In The Morning     
11. I’m Not Ready

Vinyl LP