History: Vinyl LP


Release date: 30 June, 2023

On their third album, Bokanté have plugged into the blues, tracing the genre's roots in West Africa and the Arab world through the diaspora into the retro-modern present. These nine tracks tell — with lyrics sung mainly in Guadeloupean Creole — of outsiders and seers, memories and joy; of black history, global unity and the futility of war. Of taking time to rest, feel, love. Of the redemptive power of music — as a conduit, a change maker, a muse.


1. Bliss
2. Adjoni
3. Pa Domi
4. Illiminé
5. Flè a Mémwa
6. Ta Voix
7. Tandé
8. Mikrob
9. History

Vinyl LP
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