Kim Petras

Feed The Beast: Exclusive White Vinyl LP


Release date: 25 August, 2023


Limited edition white vinyl in a gatefold jacket; metallic spot color; exclusive photo lithos available nowhere else.

Side A
1.    Feed The Beast
2.    Alone ft. Nicki Minaj 
3.    King Of Hearts
4.    Thousand Pieces 
5.    uhoh
6.    Revelations
7.    BAIT ft. BANKS
8.    Sex Talk 

Side B
1.    Hit It From The Back
2.    Claws
3.    Minute
4.    Coconuts 
5.    Castle In The Sky 
6.    brr
7.    Unholy (Bonus Track) (Sam Smith feat. Kim Petras)

Vinyl LP
Island Records