Evocation II - Pantheon: Vinyl 2LP


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Eight years after melodic death / folk metal masters Eluveitie released their acoustic album ‘Evocation I’, the Swiss musicians have stored their electronic instruments again in the rehearsal room. “The time feels right to go on with ‘Evocation II’. It’s time for the album,” tells mastermind Christian ‘Chrigel’ Glanzmann, who revived the great concept after three successful albums in the usual Eluveitie style.

‘Evocation II’ conjures another time travel to eras long gone. As the title already reveals, the concept of the first opus will continue and is entirely dedicated to the Celtic mythology. Even more, ‘Evocation II’ takes you into the Gallic pantheon and bows down to the Celtic Gods after which the song titles are named. Anyone who joins Eluveitie on this journey will quickly notice that the character of each song is equal to the one of the Gods the song is about - and there is a lot more to discover.

This masterpiece is not only a rich bonanza of fascinating folk tunes but also a foray through the band’s history. In a lot of hidden and less hidden details, Eluveitie use motives from older songs that feature a topical reference to the world of Celtic gods and thus the band have created a number of opportunities for the listener to engage in a real treasure hunt. “Obtained to Celtic mythology, ‘Evocation II’ is the album where everything converges and returns to its origin: the otherworld,” comments Chrigel.

The singing on ‘Evocation II’ is also in Gallic (old Celtic) and offers great atmosphere. For the lyrics, Eluveitie worked together with Celtic scientists from all over Europe to do justice to this masterpiece. The lyrics are also reproduced in ancient handwriting from 2000 years ago, in the style of the Defixio from Larzac, a well-known magical, Celtic curse inscription.

Eluveitie were founded in 2002 by Chrigel and remain one of Switzerland’s most successful rock bands. Their original mixture of folk and melodic death metal - enhanced by the use of a number of traditional instruments - caused quite a stir right from the beginning. After their debut album ‘Spirit’, Nuclear Blast debut ‘Slania’ followed in 2008 and the band entered the charts for the first time. Despite several line-up changes, the cornerstone of the band’s success was now built, their success story now unstoppable. Fans all over the world celebrate Eluveitie during their endless tours and prove that folk metal is more than “just having fun.” Their way of combining entertainment with true knowledge of Celtic folklore is an unbeatable and unique combination.

Double LP features etched Side 4.

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