Everything Is Here: Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 28 June, 2024

Fusing these influences with the accessibility of French electronic and the groove of R&B and disco, this album depicts the sweet dizziness of contemplation. Nostalgic, yet determined and modern in it’s genre blending, the first album of Kartell truly reveals what’s been underlining in his previous EP.

Taking influences in the space and dream pop aesthetic, the musical approach of the album embraces the 60’s and 70’s fascination for outer space, exotic locations, technologies and science fiction which was on the edge of becoming reality.

Nebulous textures and otherworldly sounds characteristic of space rock are infused throughout the record, while keeping a focus on making catchy songs, leaning on a minor-key groove and a pop yearning. It’s also a challenge and an artistic proposition to gather a wide range of genres to tell a story. Densely produced and cinematic, the album draws a truly living landscape where live bass, drums and guitars hold the line, evolving around hazy effects and synthesizer layers.


A1 Space Odyssey
A2 Against the Odds
A3 Lush feat. Tkay Maidza
A4 Be Easy feat. Magi Merlin
B1 Mars feat. Kurtis Wells
B2 Gaspard’s Dream
B3 Blurry
B4 Quest (Real Love) feat. Poté

C1 Interface
C2 Too Much of the Same Things feat. Kurtis Wells
C3 Closer to the Source (Signals)
C4 No Escape feat. Barney Bones
D1 Sunseeker feat. The Code
D2 Left in the Air
D3 Music for the End

Vinyl LP
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