Mark Jenkin

Enys Men (Original Score): Limited Edition Red Vinyl LP


Release date: 24 February, 2023

Enys Men is the new folk horror film by BAFTA-Award winning director Mark Jenkin. Jenkin also composed the score for the film, which is out now on vinyl via Invada Records after previously being released digitally.

Pressed on red vinyl and housed in a spined sleeve with double sided printed insert.

The film revolves around a wildlife volunteer whose daily observations of a strange flower on a lonely island take a dark turn.

Mark Jenkin won a BAFTA for his critically acclaimed film BAIT, the score for which was released on Invada Records.

The score features entrancing lo-fi drones intertwined with dialogue from the film.

Producer Denzil Monk said: "To the best of our knowledge it is the first time a Cornish language poster has been used for a distributed feature film. It gives the sense that the language was the language of the island and it's nice to highlight this aspect of the film. The Cornish language is also thriving, the number of people speaking it is growing all the time and it's started to break into mainstream culture. To see it normalised in this way is really important for its future and makes it more visible. This is a Cornish production through and through and a celebration of Cornwall's rich folklore, its tin and copper mining heritage, relationship with the sea and stunning natural beauty".

Vinyl LP
Invada Records UK