LP Giobbi

Dotr: Limited White Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 18 October, 2024

Producer, DJ, pianist and activist LP Giobbi shares Dotr, her highly anticipated full-length sophomore album, due out 18th October 2024 on Ninja Tune imprint Counter Records. Dotr will be available on solid white 2LP.

The album is a huge step up for LP and features some of the biggest names of today including Portugal. The Man, Brittany Howard (on a reinterpretation of Alabama Shakes’  “Don’t Wanna Fight”), Jacob Banks, Danielle Ponder, Panama, and Mascolo. Dotr see’s LP celebrate the joys of collaboration, improvisation and creating music through friendship - paying homage to the people and music that shaped her as an artist.


1. Intro: Patricia Lynn
2. Been Such a Long Time (with Mascolo)
3. & Happiness
4. Is This Love (with Danielle Ponder)
5. Feel (with Jacob Banks)
6. Until There's Nothing Left (with Brittany Howard)
7. Interlude: Suse Millemann
8. Bittersweet (with Portugal. The Man)
9. So Nice To Be In Love (with Mascolo)

10. Love Come Through (with Panama)
11. Succession
12. Really Good (with Reva DeVito)
13. Interlude: Dad to daughter; We Say Yes (with Dad and Yona Gold)
14. Two Days Older (with Madelyn Rue)
15. Interlude: Carolyn Horn
16. Carolyn
17. Outro: Mama, Mama, Many Worlds I’ve Gone Since I First Left Home (with Holly Bowling)

Vinyl LP
Counter Records