The Deer

Do No Harm: Limited Orange Vinyl LP


Release date: 17 January, 2020

Fans of Fleetwood Mac, Shook Twins, Elephant Revival, Joni Mitchell, Big Thief, The Band, Callipe Musicals, and Gin Blossoms would be Right at home with this album. Austin indie-rock band The Deer has fully stepped outside the folk/Americana world they've inhabited for the past several years with their new album Do No Harm. Singles "Confetti to the Hurricane," "Move to Girls," and "Swoon" are dynamic, powerful pop-rock songs with deep hooks and nuanced instrumentation. This album is their fourth, but their first with Keeled Scales.They were able to spend close to two years working on this album in California, Colorado, and Texas, and what they’ve created is deeply nuanced, instantly accessible, and incredibly moving. The Deer are a band adept at live performance and winning over new audiences on the festival circuit, and this album is a strong document of What they’re able to do in the studio as well. Their genre is fluid, but Strong songwriting and musicianship are at the heart of these songs.

Vinyl LP
Keeled Scales
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