Deathless: Vinyl 12" EP


Release date: 17 May, 2024

Following the force of their introductory singles 'Tabernacl' and 'St Agatha', the band return with an invitation to explore their landscape of violent poetry and gothic propulsion to the fullest extent yet. Their debut EP, Deathless, is their most ambitious act of storytelling so far. Recorded in one take, the narrative of its six tracks takes place within a single room - or, perhaps, one mind. It begins with what the band feel is some of the darkest material they will ever write, to reaching, in its second half, a place of transformation and epiphany. On the EP's vinyl edition, the lyrics are written out like a diary entry, each one penned in another member's hand.


1. Remoter Heaven 
2. The Heir 
3. Sun Violence 
4. Deathless 
5. Shade In Me 
6. Hailstone 

Vinyl 12" Single
Brace Yourself