Release date: 12 July, 2024

As you may already know, BAD WITH PHONES is a one-off. The self-proclaimed ‘extra guy’ is extra in unique ways, and his debut album CRASH holds a high-wire duality of instant recognisability and true individuality. Manny, as he’s known to his friends, is a guitarist and frontman, a future don of weirdo pop, R&B, rap and post-punk in a pink and blue wig and sunglasses. He’s here to transmit songs that are epic and iconic, low key hypnagogic and soaked in bliss and damage like Tyler The Creator, Grace Jones or Basquiat if they’d grown up in 1990s Deptford listening to Sade and David Bowie. This album is packed with intimate anthems and comedown soothers for the day after a mangled night.

The CRASH back sleeve cover features a snap of his hired jeep, destroyed, on a volcanic landscape. The south east Londoner had been due a break after the stresses of releasing Marinade and had just signed to Brixton label Don’t Sleep. He was maybe going to see family in Togo but instead flew to Lanzarote with a girlfriend. Once on the island, there was a massive car crash. Miraculously, they both emerged unharmed. CRASH is both therapy and a kind of sci-fi, with each song an episode that captures and channels the dazed aftermath of intense life experience.

And his name? It came from an experiment where he went phone-free for six months or just because he didn’t pay his bills, depending on what you want to believe. Either way, it suits the sense of blurry disconnection he infuses through this music, the background electricity of sky-high pylons powered through his guitars, the dissociated but super-gentle love-not-love songs – until the energy levels ramp up like they do on the indie disco anthem ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ with its all-comers blah blah blah chorus echoing through the streets and dancefloors of next summer and the summer after that. BAD WITH PHONES is coming for you.


1. (call me) Friday
2. DennisRodman
3. devils
4. Don't Talk To Me
5. InAWeek (anything can happen)
6. Monica Too
7. drive.
8. Emmanuelle
9. LVR

Vinyl LP
Don’t Sleep