Peter One

Come Back To Me: Vinyl LP


Release date: 5 May, 2023

Over 3 decades ago, Peter One was a country music star, in West Africa. With his singing partner Jess Sah Bi, Peter played to sold out arenas across Africa and frequented TV and radio shows. In 1985, Jess Sah Bi and Peter One’s debut album, Our Garden Needs Its Flowers, launched the two Ivory Coast musicians into regional stardom across greater West Africa. Peter ultimately decided to emigrate to the US to further his music career but suffered a bit of a setback. Shocked by the American cost of living Peter decided to pursue a career in nursing.

Music was never far from Peters mind, and he continued to write and play guitar. Luck struck when a student studying ethnomusicology discovered Our Garden Needs Its Flowers. The album was reissued in 2018 and led to rediscovery of Peter One and his music. He signed a deal with Verve Records’ Forecast imprint to release all new music.
Come Back To Me features songs in English, French and Peters native African language.

Vinyl LP


# Title Length
1. Cherie Vico
2. Kavudu
3. Ejie
4. Staring Into The Blues
5. Sweet Rainbow
6. On My Own
7. La Petite
8. Je E Moi Le Piano
9. Bonne Annee
10. Birds Go Die Out Of Sight