Alabama 3

Cold War Classics Vol. 2: Milk Clear Vinyl LP


Release date: 27 October, 2023

Alabama 3, the legendary band from Brixton, South London are sharing their new single ‘North Korea’.

Telling the tongue-in-cheek tale of a man attempting to woo his lover with food from all over the world before finally resorting in desperation to North Korean cuisine, the new track is lifted from their incoming new album ‘Cold War Classics Vol.2’. Due on October 27th via Submarine Cat Records, the band will follow with an extensive UK tour, bringing their electrifying live performances to fans across the country.

Of the new track ‘North Korea’, Larry Love commented "Are you sick and tired of dreary post Brexit cuisine? Are you desperate to impress a love interest? Why not join Alabama 3 for a 4 day gourmet feast in Pyongyang hosted by our Dear Leader ( Mind control optional) where u can press the button and have some gastronomic fun with genuine Cold War Cooking! Let’s hope he doesn’t fall in love with you".

New album ‘Cold War Classics Vol.2’ was co-produced by Danton Supple & Greg Fleming and promises to take fans on a musical journey back in time, to the era of mutually assured destruction and pre-glasnost paranoia.

Love goes on to describe the album as “a trip to that warm place in your mind where spying on your neighbour was de rigueur and fall out shelter ballads and Checkpoint Charlie funk ruled the airwaves". Cold War Classics Vol.2 is a testament to Alabama 3's unique and innovative musical style that has captivated audiences for years.

Best known for their hit song 'Woke Up This Morning,' which served as the iconic theme song for the acclaimed TV show The Sopranos, Alabama 3 has earned a dedicated global fanbase and a reputation for pushing the boundaries of music genres. With their latest album, the band are set to continue their musical legacy and captivate audiences once again.


1. Goodbye Glasnost
2. Before The Ship Came In
3. Get On This One
4. California Got You Stoned
5. Influencer Intro
6. The Influencer Blues
7. (I Can’t) Keep Calm and Carry On
8. If I’d Never Seen the Sunshine
9. North Korea
10. The Girl with Lampedusa in Her Eyes
11. Thank You
12. The Road Goes on Forever


Vinyl LP
Submarine Cat