Beach Fossils

Clash the Truth (10th Anniversary Edition): Random Colour Vinyl LP


Release date: 29 March, 2024

New “Random Colour” Vinyl pressing.

“Clash the Truth is Payseur evolving, the band shifting in a direction that’s probably unlike what they previously imagined themselves moving toward.” CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND // “Beach Fossils have found a balance that’s better than anyone could have hoped for.” EXCLAIM // Beach Fossils’ sophomore album, Clash the Truth, is modern post-punk triumph that’s left a lasting impression on the music scene it was born out of. After releasing their self titled debut and the beloved EP, What a Pleasure, songwriter and composer Dustin Payseur began recording dissonant and introspective demos reflecting on his southern upbringing and young adulthood in New York. The tracks that would eventually make up Clash the Truth involved Payseur taking his songwriting in a new direction, employing jagged instrumentals, existential lyrics, and socially conscious subject matter. The darker themes of Clash the Truth still come out vibrant through bright guitar tones, locomotive drumming, and Payseur’s inventive home recording techniques. Referencing the sounds of Factory Records releases, New York’s no wave scene, and 90’s avant-pop, Beach Fossils expanded their sound past the perimeters of bedroom dream pop.

1. Clash The Truth 
2. Generational Synthetic
3. Sleep Apnea
4. Careless
5. Modern Holiday
6. Taking Off
7. Shallow
8. Burn You Down
9. Birthday
10. In Vertigo
11. Brighter
12. Caustic Cross
13. Ascension
14. Crashed Out
15. Clash The Truth
16. Generational Synthetic
17. Sleep Apnea
18. Burn You Down
19. Birthday
20. Caustic Cross
21. Vertigo

Vinyl LP