Terminal Gods

Boundless/Driving Home For Christmas: Snow White Vinyl 7"


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Snowflake 7 features two songs by Terminal Gods, a gothic rock band from London. Formed in 2011, the band has released three singles and a EP on their own label Heavy Leather Sex Productions, and will release their debut album in Spring 2016. The sound of Terminal Gods is heavy influenced by the early 1980s gothic rock scene, otibly The Sisters Of Mercy (due to the baritone vocals of Crowley, the atmospheric guitar work of Maisley and the cold sounds of the drum machine), although the most recent single 'Road Of The Law' demonstrate that the band is more and more developing a sound of their own.

'Boundless', the A-side of their Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, shows a total new side of the band, and sounds almost like a ballad, but one with a punch. The song is written from the perspective of Father Christmas, reflecting on his sometimes tiresome job to bring presents to people who ask a lot, but not take a real interest in him as a person. The B-side is a cover of one of the most popular Christmas pop songs from the 1980s, Chris Rea's 'Driving Home For Christmas'. Terminal Gods turn it into an almost industrial sounding postpunk song. The single comes on snow white vinyl and is limited to 350 copies.

1. Boundless
2. Driving Home For Christmas

Vinyl 7" Single
Snowflakes Christmas Single Club