Born To Thrash (Live In Germany): Limited Etched Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 17 July, 2020

Last year saw Teutonic thrash giants Destruction deliver ‘Born To Perish’, their first record to feature Canadian drum machine Randy Black and Swiss shred-master Damir Eskić alongside veterans Schmier and Mike. Just days after it’s release they laid waste to Partysan Festival in their native Germany with a breath-taking display of true thrash. Now, to celebrate the occasion, the band are releasing a recording of that set as ‘Born To Thrash – Live In Germany’. The idea was born out of the rubble of the live music industry in these frankly unprecedented times, and in Schmier’s own words “This might help us to keep the spirit, bring back some joy and great memories.”.

‘Born To Thrash – Live In Germany’ marks the band’s first live release as a four-piece since their classic 1989 record ‘Live Without Sense’ and maintains the ferocious, raw authenticity displayed on that album. It’s a powerful fragment of the band’s career as it stands in 2020 and will allow their fans to reconnect with what made them love Destruction to begin with.

Formed in 1982, and originally named Knight Of Demon, Destruction solidified their position as one of the big four of German thrash alongside Kreator, Sodom and Tankard thanks to their immense sound that drew as much from thrash as it did early black metal. Thanks to world beating records such as ‘Infernal Overkill’, ‘Eternal Devastation’ and ‘Release From Agony’ the band have managed to maintain their position as one of Europe’s most influential metal bands for almost four decades.

Vinyl LP
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