Kings Elliot

Bored Of The Circus: Vinyl LP


Release date: 16 September, 2022

On her second EP Bored of the Circus, Swiss-British singer-songwriter Kings Elliot digs into her world-weariness and deepest emotions while crafting finely wrought pop songs that feel both incredibly intimate and otherworldly. Kings Elliot continues refining her craft, pairing lyrics that acutely describe mental illness with music that updates the idea of “the perfect pop song” for the 21st century. Bored of the Circus adds to her impressive body of work with five beautifully wrought, astonishingly intimate songs.

1    ‘Til I Die     
2    Cry, Baby, Cry     
3    Ashes By The Morning     
4    Butterfly Pen     
5    Someday, Somewhere

Vinyl LP