John Carroll Kirby

Blowout: Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 23 June, 2023

John Carroll Kirby is a GRAMMY Award-nominated producer, composer and keyboardist from Los Angeles. New album Blowout was inspired by the local people, music and nature of Costa Rica. In addition to his acclaimed solo albums, Kirby has collaborated with Solange, Harry Styles, Yves Tumor, Eddie Chacon, and more.


1. Oropendola
2. Mates
3. The Takedown
4. Hotel Jonny Chingas
5. Vertigo
6. So So So
7. Sun Go Down
8. Gecko Sun
9. Flying Cat
10. Mates (Dub)
11. So So So (Dub)
12. Hotel Jonny Chingas (Dub)

Vinyl LP
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