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Beats On Boat Vol. 2: Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 30 June, 2023

45 RPM, Limited to 300 worldwide

Introducing "Beats on Boat Vol. 2" - the highly anticipated compilation album featuring some of the most talented and respected names in the lofi hiphop scene With tracks from the likes of FloFilz, Made in M, digitalluc, and Klaus Layer, to name a few. This project promises to deliver a unique blend of chill beats and groovy rhythms that will transport listeners to a world of laid-back vibes.

Released through ear-sight, tracks from "Beats on Boat Vol. 2" will be released every two weeks starting from May 31st and will be accompanied by a live set, filmed on Berlins river Spree.

One of the standout features of this album is how each artist brings their own unique style to the table. From FloFilz's jazzy beats to Made in M's dreamy soundscapes, listeners can expect a diverse range of sounds and textures that will keep them hooked like fish on a rod.

Another thing that sets "Beats on Boat Vol. 2" apart from other compilations is the focus on both lofi hiphop and lofi house. While these two genres may seem vastly different at first glance, they actually share a lot of common ground - both are built on a foundation of warm textures, and infectious grooves.

A must-listen for anyone who loves lofi music, chill beats, or just wants to experience something truly unique.

With this roster of top-tier artists, the focus on both lofi hiphop and lofi house, and its live beat sets on a boat in Berlin, this compilation is sure to make waves. Hop aboard and tune in!


A1 BREAKING NEWS - El Queeno, deado
A2 Made in M - Pronto
A3 Tom Doolie - Yacht
A4 FloFilz - La Première Fois

B1 Ellosophy - Lost in Music
B2 digitalluc - Never Loose
B3 Rick Flair - Freedom

C1 imaginary friend - Joke
C2 FloFilz - Meteora
C3 Made in M - Balsa
C4 digitalluc - Morgentau

D1 Tom Doolie - Pick Up
D2 Klaus Layer - Type 2
D3 Ellosophy - Katanga Nights

Vinyl LP
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