Ballroom Streets: Mustard Yellow Vinyl 2LP & Exclusive Art Print [100 Copies Only]


Please note the packshot is a mock up based on the description from the label, actual vinyl colour may vary

Album has been out of print for over 30 years. Recorded live in front of a small private audience in a residential studio in Miami in 1978. This unique album includes brand new songs along with some classics such as: ‘Nickel Song’, ‘Ruby Tuesday‘, ‘Brand New Key‘. The latter was performed in the style that Melanie had originally envisioned it to be. The pinnacle of this album is arguably the stunning version of the single “Cyclone” which segues into the classic “Candles in the Rain “. Of this album Melanie defiantly said, “I wasn’t making this album for the music industry, I was making it for me - this is who I am, this is what I do, and if you don’t like, too bad.” And the album sounds all the better for it, being as organic as you can get - a singer songwriter and an elite band of musicians doing what they do best…this album is one of the overlooked classics in the Melanie catalogue.

Side A
1/Running After Love
2/Holdin' Out
3/Cyclone / Candles In The Rain

4/Beautiful Sadness.


Side B
1/Do You Believe
2/Nickel Song
3/Any Guy
4/Look What They Did To My Song
5/I Believe

Side C
2/Save Me
3/Together Alone
4/Ruby Tuesday

Side D
1/Buckle Down

3/Brand New Key

4/Groundhog Day

5/Friends & Company