Alan Parsons

Apollo: Limited Translucent Purple Vinyl 12" Single


Release date: 10 November, 2023

Apollo” is an instrumental track, composed by Alan Parsons, Elliott and Bairnson, with vocal samples from John F. Kennedy in the launch of Apollo project USA in 60’s. The original version (also featured on this
12”) is included on the On Air album.

The 4 remixes are all produced by Solar Quest a.k.a. George Fleming- Saunders. He is one of the big names of the ambient scene in the 90’s till today. From 1993 to 1994, Fleming-Saunders released nine singles and two albums. For the annual Glastonbury Festival, Fleming-Saunders has often set up its own festival tents, of which the installations are powered by solar energy. He also recorded and mixed many of his works in a recording studio that is powered by solar energy.

Apollo is available as a limited edition 12-inch on translucent purple coloured vinyl.

Side A

1. Apollo (La Luna Mix)
2. Apollo (Deep Bass Mix) (One Great Two Step)
3. Apollo (Original Mix) (Apollo)

Side B
1. Apollo (Hard Mix) (Lunartek)
2. Apollo (Ambient Mix) (Moon Boots) 

Vinyl 12" Single
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