45: Exclusive Signed Orange + White Split Vinyl LP


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Exclusive signed edition.

"ANAVAE will release their debut album ‘45’ via A Wolf At Your Door Records on 01 November. The record is an assured foot forward from the London-based duo who have spent some time honing their craft, resulting in a genreless collection of innovative yet supremely catchy tracks that meld searing riffs and electronic nuance with arena-sized hooks. Anavae will herald the arrival of ‘45’ with a special one-off live show at St Pancras Old Church in London on All Hallows Eve - 31 October. The date is befitting of the darker undercurrents that run through parts of the record and the intimate set they’re plotting will feature live strings & a choir

Anavae have also released a new single ‘Not Enough’, which follows on from the epic ‘High’, released earlier this year with support at BBC Radio 1 on Annie Mac’s Future Sounds. ‘Not Enough’ turned out to be a pivotal track for the duo.

“This was supposed to be the last song I would ever write,” says guitarist and musical mastermind Jamie Finch. “We were half way through writing the album and sat down with Pete (Miles - producer) to go through the 50+ demos we had put together to form the rest of the album. We listened to every single one of them...and I suddenly realised that I had grown to completely hate the music I was writing and that maybe I wasn’t ready to be doing an album after all. It was a long, crappy drive back to London after that revelation. After being home for a couple weeks, I had given up on music. But I just wanted to get one last idea that had been in my head for a few years recorded and out of the way. I felt like once I had done that, I could move on and leave my music days behind me. That idea was the first minute or so of ‘Not Enough.’ The lyrics that Becca (Need-Menear - vocals) came up with resonated very strongly with me - so I knew I had to stop moping around and finish the track. Getting ‘Not Enough’ finished in the studio with Pete then spawned a bunch of ideas for other tracks I wanted to have on the album (Human, Skeleton and Shy Girls)... so it'll always be the most important song that I’ll have written.”

‘Not Enough’ is just the beginning.

Vinyl LP
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