Chris Webby

28 Wednesdays Later: Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 6 August, 2021

28 Wednesdays Later is the 4th installment of Chris Webby’s Wednesday album series, and is a body of work packed to the brim with more songs than any of its predecessors. Given that Webby is usually touring for 1/3 of the year, the pandemic allowed him an opportunity to try new, more experimental sounds while sharpening his traditional lyrical skill set even more acutely in the studio. 2020 was taxing on everyone’s headspace, but in this case it seems to have at least made for some good music.

Side A
1    28 Wednesdays Later (Intro)     
2    Legends Never Die     
3    Who Am I (feat. Pete Davidson)     
4    Poison (feat. Bria Lee)     
5    Story Of My Life (feat. Millyz & Xander Goodheart)     

Side B
1    Yippee Ki Yay (feat. ANoyd & International Santo)     
2    On The Run     
3    Drugs In A Suitcase     
4    Homebound (feat. Bria Lee)     
5    Paved In Gold (feat. Rittz)     

Side C
1    Master Plan     
2    Raw Thoughts IV     
3    Triggered     
4    Microphone Killa II (feat. Merkules)     
5    Cabin Fever     

Side D
1    Prayer Hands (feat. Grieves)     
2    Game Fucked Up (feat. Jarren Benton)     
3    EightyHD     
4    As I Go (feat. Skrizzly Adams)     
5    We Alright

Vinyl LP
Eighty HD