38 Spesh & Green Lantern

1995: Vinyl LP


Release date: 22 October, 2021

Now Available On Vinyl! In 2019 rapper/producer 38 Spesh put together a compilation album to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a seminal year in Hip-Hop, 1994. It features the biggest names in the underground like Benny The Butcher, Conway, Rome Streetz, Eto, Flee Lord, Elcamino, Che Noir, Hus Kingpin, Daniel Son, and many more.

They all rap over popular beats from 1994, which are actually all remakes by Spesh. Then in late 2020 Spesh followed up his well-received comp with a sequel titled 1995 (of course). However, with this instalment of the series, Spesh decided he would make it a solo mixtape on which he raps on classics from 1995. To make it official, he had the project presented and mixed by his longtime affiliate DJ Green Lantern.

Side A
1. Intro
2. Round Table
3. Home Game
4. Chalk Board
5. Returns

Side B
1. 2 Forks
2. Lifetime
3. Past Tense
4. Landscaping
5. Outro (Feat. Che Noir)

Vinyl LP
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