Elles Bailey

Beneath The Neon Glow: Exclusive Signed Blue Vinyl LP


Release date: 9 August, 2024

Elles Bailey's new album Beneath The Neon Glow, released under Cooking Vinyl, is an exploration of love's myriad forms. Through lyrically vulnerable and brutally honest songwriting, she delves into the depths of heartbreak, the resilience of friendship, and the enduring power of love that spans a lifetime. With beautifully uplifting melodies and instrumentation, this record captures the essence of all the shades of love that have shaped Bailey's life. From the fleeting moments to the love that withstands the test of time, she fearlessly navigates through the spectrum of human emotion, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into her journey.


Side A

Enjoy The Ride
Ballad of a Broken Dream
Leave The Light On
Silhouette In a Sunset  

Side B

Truth Ain’t Gonna Save Us
If This Is Love
Let It Burn
Love Yourself
Turn off The News

Vinyl LP
Cooking Vinyl