Lindsay Reade

A Continual Farewell - My Life in Letters with Tony Wilson: Signed Hardback Book


Release date: 9 August, 2024

Limited hardback book signed by the author

A Continual Farewell tells the story of the relationship between Factory Records’ Tony Wilson and his first wife, Lindsay Reade, through their letters, Factory Records memorabilia and numerous family photos and snapshots. Many are typed on Factory notepaper, or are scrawled on pages from various studios and hotels.

They begin in the punk year of 1976 from love at first sight to marriage, from a music show entitled So It Goes to the formation of Factory and the Hacienda, across domestic infidelities, separation, stalled reconciliations and a brutal sacking.

After all that, when the reader would doubt any recovery was possible, the letters describe a renewed but now illicit love affair of former marriage partners. And beyond that, to a lasting friendship.