It: Vinyl LP


Release date: 12 April, 2024

Pulp’s debut and one of their most honest recordings - capturing a band at the beginning of their startling career. ‘It’ is a gentle, mainly acoustic album that hints at the musical directions Pulp would later pursue. The album touches on the majestic, theatrical ballads of Scott Walker, as well as the stark, folky song poems of Leonard Cohen. Certainly an album by a young band trying to pinpoint their direction, and absorbing many an influence from all around, ‘It’ has aged beautifully into a charming collection. Fire are to reissue Pulp’s 1983 debut album ‘It’ as part of the Fire reissue series with bonus material. Liner notes by Everett True. Featuring 4 Bonus tracks including single version of ‘My Lighthouse’ and alternative mix of ‘Blue Girls’, ‘Sink Or Swim’ and ‘Please Don’t Worry’ from Pulp’s John Peel session in 1981.

1. My Lighthouse
2. Wishful Thinking
3. Joking Aside
4. Boats and Trains
5. Blue Girls
6. Love Love
7. In Many Ways
8. Looking for Life
9. My Lighthouse (Single Version)
10. Please Don't Worry
11. Blue Girls (Alternative Mix)
12. Sink Or Swim

Vinyl LP
Fire Records