Ari Balouzian

Ren Faire (OST): Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 30 August, 2024

When the ailing king of America's largest renaissance festival declares his retirement, an epic power struggle ensues between an actor, a former elephant trainer, and a kettle-corn kingpin to claim his throne. 
King George Coulam rules over the Texas Renaissance Festival as its founder, elected mayor, and employer to thousands. But as his power - and the festival's coffers - have grown, Coulam has hardened into an object of fear. When King George suddenly announces his retirement to focus on his love life, a battle erupts amongst the festival's body politic. The festival's general manager and heir apparent must fight for his place in the kingdom against a kettle-corn kingpin and a former elephant trainer, both eager to remake the festival in their own image. Their feud ascends to Shakespearian heights in this three-part docu-fantasia from director Lance Oppenheim, Elara Pictures, and HBO. 


A1. What is a King Without His Kingdom? 
A2. The Operation 
A3. The Circus 
A4. A King's Heart 
A5. The Hand of the King 
A6. Lord of Corn 
A7. George of Todd Mission 
A8. Busybody 
B1. Leonard 
B2. Nepotism 
B3. Angels 
B4. Intentions 
B5. Nightmare 
B6. Paper Circus 
B7. How Can I Keep from Singing 
B8. Numbers 
B9. Big Choices 
C1. Companion, Art, Olive Garden 
C2. Friends 
C3. Vodka Lemon 
C4. Water Crisis 
C5. Shared Power 
C6. Dragon's Advice 
C7. Poor Little Augustus Gloop 
C8. One Triangle and One Square 
D1. Shareholder Habanera 
D2. Family 
D3. How Did I Fail? 
D4. American Rococco Bathroom 
D5. Whiskey Tea 
D6. The Humble Servant 
D7. A Day in the Life of Georgie Poo 
D8. The Cheapest Ticket 
D9. The Big Nothing 

Vinyl LP