R.A. The Rugged Man

Legends Never Die: Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 9 August, 2024

Few artists are ever as controversial as they are influential. New York legend R.A. The Rugged Man has lived up to this billing by combining the authenticity of his undeniably rugged life with undisputed mic skills. Among the most gifted lyricists hip-hop has ever seen, R.A. burst onto the scene with an ill-fated stint on Jive Records in the early 1990s, before eventually becoming a pioneer of the independent rap hustle. Now, three decades after his arrival, R.A. has improbably outlasted nearly all of his peers. Having been banned, forgotten, blackballed, and left for dead, the Rugged Man has somehow emerged as one of the most important figures in underground hip-hop, with a thriving career, a nonstop touring schedule, and a die-hard fan base. His 2013 album Legends Never Die is remembered as the classic that solidified this reputation, balancing technically brilliant lyricism with raw honesty and head-nodding production.

Featuring A-list guests like Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, Krizz Kaliko, Vinnie 6 Paz, Masta Ace, Sadat X, and more, Legends Never Die is not only a celebration of R.A.'s illustrious history, but an exciting look at what's still to come.


1. Still Diggin Wit Buck
2. The People’s Champ
3. Definition Of A Rap Flow (feat. Amalie Bruun)
4. Learn Truth (feat. Talib Kweli)
5. Bang Boogie
6. Tom Thum
7. Holla-Loo-Yuh (feat. Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko)
8. Media Midgets
9. Shoot Me In The Head
10. Legends Never Die (Daddy’s Halo)
11. The Dangerous Three (feat. Brother Ali and Masta Ace)
12. Luv To Fuk (feat. Eamon)
13. Underground Hitz (feat. Hopsin)
14. Laugh, Clown, Laugh
15. Sam Peckinpah (feat. Vinnie Paz and Sadat X)
16. Outro
17. Still Get Through The Day (feat. Eamon)
18. Make You Famous (feat. Block McCloud) (Bonus)

Vinyl LP
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