A.G. Cook

Best of 7G: Limited Silver Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 16 August, 2024

A. G. Cook’s debut, 7-disc, 49-track album, painstakingly refined to 21 tracks. Limited edition 280g Silver Vinyl. No secret tracks.

Double LP, 12” Vinyl Records (140g, Silver)
Gatefold Pantone 877C Silver, Matte Flood, Spot High Gloss
Full Colour Inner Sleeves
24x36” Double-Sided Poster Insert, CMYK & Pantone 877C Silver with Spot High Gloss

Art Direction by Supermodel
Packaging & Layout by Timothy Luke


A1. Silver
A2. Being Harsh
A3. Today
A4. Illuminated Biker Gang
A5. Windows

B6. Soft Landing
B7. Alright
B8. Acid Angel
B9. Oracle
B10. 2021

C11. Show Me What
C12. H2O
C13. Dust
C14. Crimson and Clover
C15. Behind Glass

D16. Gold Leaf
D17. Life Speed
D18. DJ Every Night
D19. Lil Song
D20. Somers Tape
D21. Idyll

Vinyl LP
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