Very Best Of: Limited Blue Vinyl LP


Release date: 21 June, 2024

The Very Best Of Londonbeat is the 1997 compilation by British dance-pop band Londonbeat, who scored a number of hits during in the early 1990s. By the time this compilation was released, Londonbeat had released a total of four studio albums, Speak, In The Blood, Harmony, and Londonbeat.

This 2LP compilation features their biggest hits, including “I’ve Been Thinking About You”, “9 AM (The Comfort Zone”, “You Bring On The Sun”, “A Better Love”, “Failing In Love Again” & “No Woman No Cry”. The Very Best Of is available on vinyl for the very first time as a limited edition of 1000 copies on blue coloured vinyl and includes an insert.

Side A
1. Failing In Love Again
2. 9 AM (The Comfort Zone)
3. I've Been Thinking About You
4. A Better Love
5. No Woman No Cry

Side B

1. You Bring On The Sun
2. That's How I Feel About You
3. I'm Just Your Puppet On A ... (String)
4. Come Back
5. She Broke My Heart (In 36 Places)

Side C
1. Crying in the Rain
2. It's In The Blood
3. Katey
4. Some Lucky Guy

Side D
1. All Born Equal
2. Keeping The Memories Alive
3. Step Inside My Shoes
4. She Said She Loves Me

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