Stina Nordenstam

This Is Stina Nordenstam: Clear Vinyl LP


Release date: 14 June, 2024

Albums don’t get much more intimate than the ones made by Stina Nordenstam. The Swedish singer layers her delicate voice over minimal, ambient soundscapes, and her lyrics are impressionistic, personal, and poetic. It’s like you’re swimming in her stream of consciousness, which is a pretty nice place to be, especially on this 2001 album, which presents Stina at her dreamiest and poppiest. Long desired by vinyl fans, This Is Stina Nordenstam is here in a clear pressing with a color inner sleeve featuring lyrics. Mitchell Froom co-produces; includes a couple of duets with Suede’s Brett Anderson (on “Trainsurfing” and Keen Yellow Planet”)!

Side A
1. Everyone Else in the World
2. Trainsurfing
3. So Lee
4. The Diver
5. Circus

Side B
1. Stations
2. Keen Yellow Planet
3. Lori Glory
4. Welcome to Happiness
5. Clothe Yourself for the Wind
6. Sharon & Hope

Vinyl LP
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