This Is All Yours: White Vinyl 2LP


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The mercury prize winning outfit's multifarious sophomore proves that 'an awesome wave' was no fluke - this record is even more expansive, inventive, intriguing & colourful.

Where their stunning debut hung around the distinctive singles, 'this is all yours' is much more of a complete listening experience that takes you on an art-pop-prog journey of vibrant instrumentation, complex textures, multi-layered vocals& harmonies, leftfield beats & wonky tunes. by turns dancey & downbeat, the whole thing hangs together brilliantly & every time you return to it you'll find another moment of magic that you missed last time. another "awesome wave" of non-conformist off-kilter pop music, full of unexpected twists & turns. check out the hidden track too for further confirmation of their insanely accomplished musicianship. "a collection of sublime hooks & textures rather than conventional songwriting" 4/5 - guardian.


1. Intro
2. Arrival In Nara
3. Nara
4. Every Other Freckle
5. Left Hand Free
6. Garden Of England
7. Choice Kingdom
8. Hunger Of The Pine
9. Warm Foothills
10. The Gospel Of John Hurt
11. Pusher
12. Bloodflood Pt. II
13. Leaving Nara
14. Lovely Day (Bonus Track)

Vinyl LP