The Rose of Aces: Limited Colour Vinyl LP


Release date: 11 August, 2023

The story of Cordovas is one of rock ’n’ roll seekers, hammering away in search of not only their ideal freewheeling sound, but also for some greater truth about the human experience.  Lead-singer Joe Firstman, with his journey from pro-surfer, to Atlantic Records dropout, to Carson Daly house band host, to Cordovas’ front man, fearlessly steers the band with his unconventional experience.  Cordovas’ latest record, The Rose Of Aces, beautifully blends American roots storytelling while incorporating elements of rock, country, and jam-band style musicianship - showcasing their finest work to date.


1. Fallen Angels of Rock 'n' Roll
2. What Is Wrong?
3. High Roller
4. Sunshine
5. Sky, Land & Sea
6. Deep River
7. Stone Cold Stoned
8. Change The Way You Talk
9. Last To Know
10. Skyline
11. Love Is All It Takes
12. Somos Iguales (feat. La Marisoul)

Vinyl LP
ATO Records
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