Lonely Robot

Feelings Are Good: Limited Vinyl 2LP + CD + Signed Postcard


Release date: 17 July, 2020

John Mitchell (Arena, Frost*, Kino, It Bites) returns with his new studio album “Feelings Are Good”, which begins a new chapter of LONELY ROBOT after completing the ‘Astronaut trilogy’ on 2019’s “Under Stars”. “I wanted to explore more personal themes”, Mitchell reveals, “and the songs are very much about individual experiences and narratives that I believe had been the cornerstones, good and bad, to my life. The long tall and short of it is that we’re back on planet Earth, and I have a personal lyrical axe to grind!” Musically, Mitchell has kept his signature sound and further refined it into lush modern prog and rock anthems that perfectly combine complex and accessible elements with astonishing dynamics and impeccable songwriting. On drums, Mitchell once again relied on the mighty Craig Blundell. “Feelings Are Good” is available as Limited Edition CD digipak, Gatefold 2LP plus CD and digital album.

Vinyl LP
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