Everything's Delicious & What's On The TV?: Exclusive Random Colour Vinyl LP


Release date: 21 May, 2021

Recycled random colour vinyl, sleeve signed by William Blackaby. Image is a digital mock-up, colours will vary. LP pressing limited to 300 copies worldwide. Blackaby - aka London songwriter and multi-instrumentalist William Blackaby - offers-up his first two EPs - What's On The TV? and Everything's Delicious - on limited edition, random coloured recycled 12" vinyl, out 21st May 2021. William Blackaby’s songs trace the non-linear, confusing journey of childhood and personal growth within the framework of indie and folk. His is music about slowly, steadily coming to terms with yourself, where you’ve been, and where you might tentatively be heading. Starting out as a drummer before acting as the songwriter in his last band, William took up the Blackaby moniker, making “the conscious decision to be less poetic” with his lyrics. At odds with the traditional romanticisation of songwriting and creative inspiration, it’s a statement of intent that marks him out as a unique songwriter, whose words get straight under your skin. “Instead of making it rhyme, I’d just write the thing that’s on my mind,” he says of the change in strategy. It’s a process that makes his songs hit instantly, tapping into universal feelings and showing him to be an intimately relatable songwriter.
Vinyl LP
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