Scene Queen

Bimbocore Vol. 2: Limited Edition Pink Vinyl LP


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It's not often that an artist creates something so unique and unpredictable that an entire genre is created because of it, but here we are, Scene Queen and BIMBOCORE Vol. 2 have arrived. Fed up with a genre of music filled with gatekeepers and judgmental hard rock purists, Scene Queen has unleashed the most daring, provocative, indefinable music the world has ever seen.

Following up her viral hit "Pink Rover" with a second smash - this time a collaboration with pop artists, Set It Off, called "Barbie & Ken", Scene Queen has planted her stiletto deep into the metal world and won't let up. In Scene Queen's world, one can wear pink and like "girly things" while guttarly screaming relatable lyrics over a metal riff.

Blending metal, hard rock, and explosive pop, Scene Queen is making music for a genreless TikTok generation - the alt kids, the misfits, and the ones that don't fit in. With a heavy following on TikTok and a wildly entertaining live show that is an experience of a lifetime, BIMBOCORE Vol. 2 is the sophomore release of a young scene kid emerging into the leader of a movement. Welcome to your scene, queen.

Vinyl LP