Pink Floyd

Live at the BBC, September 1971 (Special Edition): Pink Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 24 May, 2024

On this double gate-fold LP is the fantastic BBC performance of 30 September, 1971 during which "One of These Days" was performed live for the first time, even before the Pompei show. Gilmour said, on the genesis of the song: "The Binson was an Italian delay system. It was strange because it didn't use cassette loops but a metal disc; you could get really wonderful echo effects that were absolutely not obtainable from any other device invented up to that point. 'One of These Days" was born thanks to my experiments with Binson, as was 'Echoes' ".

This album features a recording of true historical value and is very highly recommended for all Pink Floyd fans - as well as rock music fans in general!

Side A
1. Fat Old Sun

Side B
1. (Intro to) One of These Days
2. One of These Days

Side C

1. (Intro to) Echoes
2. Echoes.

Side D

1. The Embryo
2. Blues

Vinyl LP
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