Jamie xx

In Waves: Limited Black & White Vinyl 3LP


Release date: 20 September, 2024

Album cut on two discs, one black, one white + bonus black & white 12" with exclusive tracks!

Nine years on from the release of his seminal GRAMMY, BRIT, Ivor Novello and Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut album In Colour, London musician, DJ and producer Jamie xx announces his long-awaited second album In Waves. Across 12 tracks including "Baddy On The Floor", his joyous summer collaboration with club culture icon Honey Dijon, Jamie xx replicates the emotional crescendos and thrilling volatility of an almost mystical night out and features further collaborations with Robyn, The Avalanches, Kelsey Lu, John Glacier and Panda Bear, Oona Doherty and his The xx bandmates Romy and Oliver Sim. Created over a four year period ushered in by his much-loved 2020 Essential Mix and peppered with periods of self-reflection, a global pandemic, the blinking reemergence into the strobelight and a newly discovered love of surfing as escapism, it’s an album that's on course to eclipse the heights of its globally acclaimed predecessor. Released on 20th September 2024 via Young.

Side A
1. Wanna
2. Treat Each Other Right 
3. Waited All Night (Jamie xx feat. Romy, Oliver Sim & The xx)

Side B
4. Baddy On The Floor (Jamie xx feat. Honey Dijon)
5. Dafodil (Jamie xx feat. Kelsey Lu, John Glacier & Panda Bear)
6. Still Summer
7. Life (Jamie xx & Robyn)

Side C
8. The Feeling I Get From You
9. Breather

Side D
10. All You Children (Jamie xx feat. The Avalanches)
11. Every Single Weekend
12. Falling Together (Jamie xx feat. Oona Doherty)

Side E
13. F U (Jamie xx ft. Erykah Badu)
14. It’s So Good
15. Do Something

Side F

Vinyl LP