Random Album Title: Red Vinyl 2LP


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On vinyl for the first time, ‘Random Album Title’ is a seminal body of work in electronic music from Canadian producer deadmau5. The vinyl includes “Not Exactly,” “I Remember,” “Arguru,” and more. This award-winning, chart-topping album is arguably the most sought-after physical piece of work from deadmau5’s impressive catalog - this is ‘Random Album Title’.


Disc: 1
1. Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
2. Some Kind of Blue
3. Complications
4. Brazil (2nd Edit)
5. Slip
6. Alone With You

Disc: 2
1. I Remember
2. Arguru 2k19
3. I Remember (John Summit Remix)
4. Arguru
5. So There I Was
6. Not Exactly

Vinyl LP
mau5trap Recordings Limited