Imagori II: Vinyl LP


Release date: 5 October, 2018

‘Imagori II’ is a continuation of Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia) and Christoph H. Müller’s collaborative efforts. The pair released their debut album ‘Imagori’ on Grönland Records in 2015. Roedelius’s soundscapes joined Christoph H. Müller’s electronic productions and beats and they entered into a dynamic symbiosis that gave rise to music that, instead of uniting two worlds, created a new one.

That process continues seamlessly. The title itself implies as much: ‘Imagori II’. The second joint album from these electronic music virtuosos shows new facets of their collaborative efforts and reveals all the new discoveries there are to be made when two explorers join forces.

‘Imagori II’’s twelve tracks oscillate between tender and hard-edged, between science fiction and the Garden of Eden; they call forth organic orchestral sounds that then fragment; they create moods ranging from melancholy to euphoria and are all the while accompanied by Roedelius’ filmic pathos, which has no use for extravagant gestures and instead tests the limits of minimalism.

2LP in gatefold sleeve with three exclusive tracks. Digital download album.

Vinyl LP
Groenland Records