Death And Vanilla: The Tenant

The Tenant

Death And Vanilla

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  • Release Date 23 February 2018
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Vinyl LP
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This release sees Death And Vanilla reimagine the film’s soundtrack four decades on for a new audience. The haunting instrumental is a foreboding piece of dark and cinematic avant-garde music that’s alienated, lonely and melancholic. Moments of hallucination and delusion mirror the lead character Trelovsky.

1 Loctaire - intro  
2 2Zy And Choule  
3 Church Music  
4 Walls Have Teeth  
5 Labyrinthe  
6 Mouvement Panique  
7 Free Design Kung-Fu  
8 ”Do You Have Any Trouble With Your Neighbours?”  
9 ”If You Cut Off My Head, What Do I Say? Me And My Head Or Me And My Body?”  
10 Dioz Delirium  
11 Everything Is Always Happening  
12 Solitaire  
13 The Bouncing Head  
14 Music Box - outro  

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