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Elli Ingram: Love You Really Signed Vinyl

Love You Really Signed Vinyl

Elli Ingram

  • US $19.00  

  • Release Date 15 September 2017
  • In Stock
Product code
Vinyl LP
Island Records
Exclusive Gatefold Signed LP includes a 12inch x 12inch sticker sheet


  1. Wild West
  2. Getaway
  3. Sweet & Sour
  4. Better Alone
  5. Jam Wank (Interlude)
  6. Sleeping Pill
  7. Stone Cold
  8. Bells Club / Last Night At Home Skit
  9. Table For Two
  10. Rocket
  11. Before The Funeral

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Elli Ingram: Love You Really
Elli Ingram
Love You Really
Vinyl LP
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