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Young MC: Stone Cold Rhymin’

Stone Cold Rhymin’

Young MC

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  • Release Date 20 July 2018
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Vinyl LP

The debut album by Young MC, Stone Cold Rhymin’ reached #9 on the Billboard album chart upon its original release in 1989 and spawned the GRAMMY® Award-winning (Best Rap Performance), ubiquitous party anthem, “Bust A Move” Featuring clever, acrobatic rhymes by Young MC and skillful production by Matt Dike, Michael Ross and the Dust Brothers, the album remains one of the most catchy, infectious party records of all time. Fun fact: the album features Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers holding down the groove on bass. This reissue features vinyl cut under the supervision of Dave Cooley (J Dilla, Madlib) at Elysian Masters.

1 A1. I Come Off  
2 A2. Principal’s Office  
3 A3. Bust A Move  
4 A4. Non Stop  
5 A5. Fastest Rhyme  
6 A6. My Name Is Young  
7 B1. Know How  
8 B2. Roll With the Punches  
9 B3. I Let ‘Em Know  
10 B4. Pick Up the Pace  
11 B5. Got More Rhymes  
12 B6. Stone Cold Buggin’  
13 B7. Just Say No