John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid

John Mulaney

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  • Release Date 16 June 2017
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“This album was recorded on a warm and very rainy night at the Chicago Theater in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. I had been to the Chicago Theater as a kid to see Donny Osmond in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I remember a joke in that production where a set of pyramids moves past Joseph as he travels to Egypt. Because they were performing it in Chicago they also threw in a miniature Sears Tower. When we, the audience, saw it was the Sears Tower we laughed so hard because that building is in Chicago. Stuff like that is a lot of fun.

“On the night this album was recorded I arrived at the Chicago Theater having not had dinner because I was too nervous to eat. I think I ended up eating a bunch of crackers. The Chicago Theater is a gorgeous beast with a built-in Mighty Wurlitzer organ. We filmed this whole show for Netflix and Rhys Thomas directed it beautifully. This performance is called The Comeback Kid. The title is a reference to Bill Clinton but it’s also not. Lake Street Dive performed. Joe Mande and Vanessa Bayer performed. I performed last and I wore the suit I got married in. My parents and sisters and brother were in the audience. My wife Anna was in the audience. Petunia our dog was at the hotel in a stand-off with the room service cart. She has a problem with room service carts. She… I don’t know… she hates how the wheels lock or something. She is not too fond of skateboards either.

“A few last things: Jon Brion is a good man and it’s the pleasure of my life to have his music included in The Comeback Kid. Michael Berkowitz makes things happen. I am grateful to everyone who enjoyed the show but truthfully I do it to make my wife laugh. I want to thank MSG and the Chicago Theater. I want to thank the Daves. I want to thank anyone who helped put this show together or who helped put me together. While I was performing all these jokes on that night, I was genuinely happy.” - John Mulaney

John Mulaney has performed stand-up comedy on stages around the world, written for such shows as Saturday Night Live and Documentary, Now! and starred in his very own cancelled sitcom. ‘The Comeback Kid’ is his third comedy album, drawing from the Netflix special of the same name. John’s also had a Comedy Central special, just finished an acclaimed run on Broadway of his show with Nick Kroll, ‘Oh, Hello’ on Broadway and he and Nick also just co-hosted the 32nd Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards in January 2017. One time he won an Emmy. If all that isn’t enough, his dog is a viral sensation on Instagram.

1 Too Big Too Fast  
2 Open And Vulnerable  
3 My Wife  
4 A Little Sweet Thing I Like To Say  
5 Why Buy The Cow?  
6 Altar Boys With Rat Mustaches  
7 And Also With You  
8 Baby Grandma  
9 Could Be A Nursery  
10 Sometimes Babies Will Point At Me  
11 No Supervision  
12 I Am Very Small And I Have No Money  
13 Back To The Future  
14 Goblin Children And The One-Armed Man  
15 Cops And Criminals  
16 One Black Coffee  
17 We’d Rather You Do It In The House Than Go Somewhere Else  
18 Cirque Du Soleil  
19 Hush  
20 Too Old To Be A Duckling  
21 What Should I Do With My Life?  
22 The Comeback Kid  
23 ‘The Comeback Kid Suite’ By Jon Brion  
24 Dear Friends And Family Comedy Did Not Work Out