Pedro Bromfman: Narcos Original Soundtrack: Alternative Art - Black & White Vinyl
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Narcos Original Soundtrack: Alternative Art - Black & White Vinyl

Pedro Bromfman

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  • Release Date 16 September 2016
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Double Vinyl LP

Includes digital download card.

Invada announce the vinyl release of Pedro Bromfman’s incredible score to ‘Narcos’ Season One, the 10-episode Netflix series which tells the story of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, detailing his gory rise to power.

The 28-track release includes Bromfman’s sinister instrumental cues, with dark, criminal undertones and a haunting atmosphere. The release also contains the show’s theme song ‘Tuyo’ by Brazilian songwriter Rodrigo Amarente.

Bromfman is known for his previous work on Brazilian crime thriller ‘Elite Squad’ and ‘Robocop’. His score for ‘Narcos’ will appeal to fans of the ‘Paris Texas’, ‘Drive’ and ‘Donnie Darko’ soundtracks.

Housed in a deluxe sleeve, this release is available in two variants: original ‘Narcos’ Netflix artwork, with half black / half red vinyl, or an alternate artwork design by artist Marc Bessant (Portishead / Peter Gabriel) with half black / half white vinyl. Both variants contain a digital download card.

‘Narcos’ was one of the most popular shows on Netflix receiving worldwide coverage and acclaim. This release will coincide with Season Two of the series.

The show was nominated for Best TV Series and Best Actor at the Golden Globes and for Best International Show at the BAFTAs. The show’s theme song, ‘Tuyo’, was also nominated for an Emmy.


  1. Prologue
  2. Tuyo (Rodrigo Amarante)
  3. Colombian Army
  4. NO Amnesty
  5. Cockroach And Pinochet
  6. Meet Gacha And Escobar
  7. Easy Money
  8. Agent Murphy
  9. The Perfect Product
  10. Cocaine Labs
  11. Colonel Carrillo
  12. Pablo’s Sword
  13. Palace Of Justice
  14. Baby Girl
  15. Urban Chase
  16. Flying Drugs
  17. Murphy’s First Kill
  18. Gacha’s Troubles
  19. Kidnapped
  20. The Spaniard
  21. President Gaviria
  22. Recruiting Soldiers
  23. The Tax
  24. Turbay And Gorilla
  25. Pablo Grieves
  26. Cat Killers
  27. McPickle
  28. This Is Home