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Christopher Lennertz: Lost In Space: Coloured Vinyl

Lost In Space: Coloured Vinyl

Christopher Lennertz

  • US $37.99  

  • Release Date 02 November 2018
  • Dispatched within 5 days
Product code
Double Vinyl LP

A remake of the 1960’s sci-fi TV show for Netflix with an incredible score by Christopher Lennertz (Mass Effect 3, Agent Carter, Medal Of Honor...)

1 See You At The Movies  
2 Web So Dense  
3 I Went Dust  
4 Sky Is All We Had  
5 Picking Out The Seeds  
6 Give If Off  
7 Drop Me  
8 Cut Stranger  
9 Elastic Days  
10 Sometimes  
11 Wanted You Around  
12 Everything She Said