Jean-Bernard Raiteux: Les Démons

Les Démons

Jean-Bernard Raiteux

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  • Release Date 27 May 2016
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Vinyl LP
Finders Keepers

The unreleased Euro pysch score to the French / Portuguese Xrated version of ‘The Devils’ meets ‘The Witchfinder General’. Synchronised by Spanish anti-establishmentarian, sexual liberator, die-hard independent filmmaker and unrepentant voyeur Jess Franco (‘Vampyros Lesbos’ / ‘De Sade’). Composed entirely by French composer Jean-Bernard Raiteux aka Jean- Michel Lorgere (‘Sinner’ / Harlem Pop Trotters) and presented here in full soundtrack form for the first time.

Proudly claiming the dubious accolade of the Spanish sexploitation version of ‘The Devils’ as the distributor’s most bankable asset, this previously banned 1973 European witch flick would rip the art house facade from Ken Russell’s well polished box office smash and push the envelope way beyond the closet titillation of the gentrified new wave controversy seekers.

Delivered on a comparable shoestring budget as the 55th feature in Jess Franco’s filmography of approximately 203 completed movies, ‘The Demons’ (‘Les Démons’), directed under the Anglicised pseudonym Clifford Brown, took many of the Franco’s sexually stylistic watermarks (epitomised in his ‘Vampyros Lesbos’ trilogy) adding witchcraft, possession and nunsploitation against a rural Mediterranean backdrop before disappearing into the woods.

Whilst clearly taking inspirational plot cues from Michael Reeve’s ‘The Witchfinder General’ (1968) and drawing comparisons with scenes from Eiichi Yamamoto’s ‘Belladonna Of Sadness’ (1973) this B-movie reduction of Franco’s wide palette of colourful ingredients has in recent years provided enthusiasts / champions / defenders of the workaholic horrotica bastion with a rare and treasured addition.

Following on from Finders Keepers previous expanded release of Bruno Nicolai’s score for Franco’s 1970 adaptation of ‘De Sade’, this record stands as another tribute to Franco’s life which he lived through the mechanisms of a camera with relentless zeal and a passion to challenge every aspect of movie making along the way.

1. The Inquisition
2. Les Demons
3. Kathleen Writhing
4. The Weakness Of Rosalinda
5. The Visit/Margaret’s Hallucination
6. Three Serpents To Karen’s Dwelling
7. The Second Inquisition
8. A Witch’s Daughter?
9. The Seduction Of Winter
10. Kathleen & The Horses
11. The Stake
12. Kathleen & The Serpents